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How it works:

Our goal is to give younger players a system to stay active and improve their basketball skills through one-hour live virtual training sessions over Zoom. We understand that it can be difficult to improve as a player without in-person coaching and the summer camps, but despite the circumstances, we truly believe all a player needs to improve is a ball, a little bit of guidance, and the right mentality.

We plan to run two group sessions per day (one morning and one afternoon), Monday through Thursday, on a weekly basis. Morning and afternoon sessions on the same day will essentially be the same.

As an additional bonus, we will be hosting a free Q&A every Friday with a former Stevenson basketball player. This is a fun way to learn more about how basketball has made an impact on a player's life, both on and off the court. Players and parents are welcome to attend!


$8 for one session
$28 for one week (4 sessions)
*Free Jump Shot Analysis

*To provide more personalized feedback, a player can email us a video of themselves shooting and we will provide feedback on form and mechanics


5 min Introduction/Topic of the Day
5 min Dynamic Warm-Up
10 min Stationary Ball Handling
10 min Moving Ball Handling
*25 min Break Out Rooms
5 min Conditioning/Strength

*Coaches will individually work with a smaller group of players depending on hoop availability